Saturday, 16 August 2008

WIMAYA NATTAKAN A dance drama and light-and-sound

Nakhon Ratchasima province, the largest province in Thailand and gateway to the other provinces in the Northeast, enjoys a long history of prosperity. Heralded as “the city of brave women”, Nakhon Ratchasima is blessed with a rich legacy of ancient awe-inspiring Khmer archaeological treasures, majestic historical sites, and charming traditions. The province is also famous for its silk and Khorat noodles.

Experience the “Bai Sri Su Kwan” ritual - a traditional welcome and well-wishing ceremony
A guided tour of the awesome architecture of the ancient Khmer empire within Phimai Historical Park
Enjoy a delicious dinner of Northeastern cuisine amid the archaeological wonders while being entertained by traditional folk performances of Northeastern Thailand
The Wimaya Nattakan Light–and–Sound

The cultural presentation depicts the past glory of ancient Phimai and the Khmer empire. The first half of the performance features choreographic creations inspired by the bas-relief of the Phimai Sanctuary itself. Vignettes depicted include Buddhist religious processions, the ancient ritual dance of the boxers and the Phimaipura or Vimayapura dance. Folk and traditional dances such as the Bai Sri Su Kwan dance, Manohra Len Nam dance, the Dung Krok and Dung Sak mortar and pestle dance are featured in the second half of the presentation.

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