Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Phuket Photo And Pictures

There are many different places you can go to find the best Phuket photo and pictures online. In addition to the many different online guides about Thailand, there are also travel sites in which people share their photos as well as their travel experiences about a different place. If you want to see a photo of a particular area of Phuket Island, Thailand, take a look at some of the online guides.

When you are visiting Phuket island, you will want to be sure to bring your camera as the area will remind you of a tropical paradise. There is so much to see and do on this island off the coast of Thailand that you will want to make Phuket Island your annual holiday destination.

Do not hesitate to take photographs of whatever you want during your stay in Phuket, but be wary about taking photographs inside the Wats. Many of the monks do not like to be photographed, so it is polite to ask them before taking their photograph.

There are many different places around the island where you can get your Phuket photo and pictures developed so that you can have them before you return home. While many people have digital cameras, others still use film cameras and you can have your Phuket photo and pictures developed in less than an hour in most places around the island.

Some of the places online where you can find the best Phuket photo and pictures include the following:

Yahoo travel. Here you can see photos of hotels as well as historic sites in Phuket Town as well as the beaches. Some of the photographs appear like picture postcards and it is difficult to believe that they have been taken by amateur photographers.

Trip Advisor. This is a travel website that features hundreds of photos of Phuket as well as other parts of the world. People join these forums to write about different experiences as well as rate the hotels and restaurants. Prior to your trip to Phuket, check out Trip Advisor.

Go Asia. This is your one stop portal to all Asian holiday destinations. Here you can not only find photo galleries of Phuket Island, Thailand, but other places in Asia as well. There is also vast information about different hotels, restaurants and shopping.

AOL Travel. This is another area in which you can discuss your travel experiences, talk about hotels and restaurants and even give ratings.

There are dozens of different portals and online guides about Thailand as well as the rest of the travel destinations in the world. Because of the internet, we know have greater access to information than ever before.

An online directory is the best way to see the Phuket photo and pictures. The island of Phuket is becoming more of a popular tourist destination each year as more people discover this tropical paradise. To discover the best there is when it comes to photographs of Phuket Island, as well as restaurant and hotel reviews, check out one of the many different online guides about Phuket Island, Thailand.

By: Ravi Verma

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