Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Choose the Right Thailand Vacation Package for An Exquisite Holiday

Thailand has emerged to be the hottest and the happening tourist destination in the world. It shot to fame for its amalgamation of natural beaches, food, culture, hotels and markets. Planning a vacation to Thailand is one of the best options as you can visit exotic places and probably have an awesome vacation with your family.

There are several tour operators available in the market offering numerous Thailand vacation packages. The tours are customized and tailor-made according to the needs of the visitors, who would opt for a particular package. The vacation packages are preplanned itinerary activity and usually, consist of the places to be visited, the accommodation and transportation, sightseeing and indulging in various activities for a prescribed time period.

When visiting Thailand on a vacation, one can indulge in various adventure activities such as, snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. The best places to visit for adventure activities in Thailand include:

1.For diving: Andaman Sea, Gulf of Thailand.

2.For snorkeling: The Similan Islands, Phi Phi Island, Surin Islands.

3.For parasailing: Patong Beach, Pattaya Beach.

Thailand vacation packages are categorized according to the requirements of the tourists. If a group is looking forward for adventure activities during a vacation in Thailand, the itinerary will be prepared accordingly that will include the places, where snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing and other adventurous activities can be performed. Speaking about religious packages, tourists can visit various Buddhist temples that are spread across the country. Visiting such locations will rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Here are the top 6 temples of Thailand that attract millions of visitors from across the world:

Wat Phra Kaeo (Bangkok)
Wat Yai Chai Mongkon (Phitsanulok)
Wat Mahathat (Nakhon Si Thammarat):
Wat Arun (Thonburi/Bangkok)
Wat Saket (Bangkok)
Wat Ko Keo Suttharam (Phetchaburi)

Furthermore, the country is also famous for its nightlife. There are various activities that can be performed after the sunset that includes even sightseeing, visiting the local casinos, bars and discos. For example, Bangkok and Pattaya have great discos, whereas Patong is popular for bars. packages can also be modified according to these inclusions that will create a perfect balance of adventure and entertainment. As many of us may know, Thailand is considered to be heaven for shopaholics. The exotic shopping malls are flooded with tourists, who spend a good amount of time shopping for Thai silk, silver, pearl, handcrafts and much more. Even though a visit to shopping malls might not be a part of your Thailand tour package, you should note down in your diary to visit the following shopping malls in Thailand:

Siam Paragon, Siam (Bangkok)
CentralWorld, Siam (Bangkok)
Gaysorn Shopping Mall (Bangkok)
Central Festival Phuket
Phuket's Old Town (handicraft shops)

Speaking about accommodation, the capital city, Bangkok is house to exquisite hotels, which are highly reputable, hygiene, clean and extremely hospitable. While choosing the tour package, make sure to check which hotels are included in the package and how good their facilities are.

It is the right time for you to consider a Thailand vacation package that will fulfill all your needs. A good Thailand vacation package will include visits to the best places of this country as discussed above. You can either opt for an operator or prepare the itinerary by yourself. For preparing a self-planned vacation package, it will be helpful to collect information about the important places to be visited, activities to be performed, local transportation system and you should also find out about the best hotels for accommodation in Thailand. Tour operators have a fixed schedule of the itinerary making it a bit difficult to explore the city and understand the culture. In the end, it's the adventurous holiday that matters the most.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Best Spa Treatments at Golf Clubs in Thailand

There is no shortage of information about golf courses in Thailand, or tourism in Thailand in general; but have you ever thought about what sorts of unique things Thailand might have to offer golfers specifically besides beautiful courses, affordable green fees, and an eager service mindedness? (Leaving out nightlife, cultural attractions, and the shopping).

How are your elbow and wrist holding up? Tightness in your hips or lower back? Thailand has one of the most developed therapeutic cultures on the planet, both unique to the kingdom and as part of its rich inheritance from Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic medicinal culture.

If you've played any of the major courses in Thailand (or any golf at all in Thailand), you are no doubt aware of the ubiquity of massage therapy and spa treatments at resorts and golf clubs. Massage is not unique to Thailand or even Asia, so this is only moderately exciting (it is very exciting if you look at the cost of these treatments compared to the cost of a massage in Australia or the U.S., for example).

But acupuncture is harder to find outside of Asia, and there are a few specific applications that people playing golf in Thailand might do well to be aware of; primarily because it's cheap enough here to try it, even if you aren't sure I'm telling the truth about the efficacy of it.

Golfers elbow, from the elbow down the inner forearm to the wrist, can not only devastate your game, but sleeping on that side, driving, even shaking hands will eventually all become tortuous. (In case you hadn't guessed yet, I speak from experience.) I have found, and been told by other golfers in Thailand (and around the world), that acupuncture is very quick and effective in treating the symptoms and perhaps to some degree the root causes of the condition. My guess is it wouldn't hurt as a preventative measure in the early stages of tendonitis' development either.

You can find acupuncturists anywhere in the country, even some of the nicer hospitals. But for the sake of expedience, try Blue Canyon Country club in Phuket, most excellent spa facilities there. Santiburi golf club on Koh Samui is also a MUST hit for your golf holiday in Thailand, their therapists will help let the tension out of the hips and improve the fluidity of your swing. While they didn't have an acupuncturist on staff when I was last there (it's been about two years actually), they have a spa menu that is like 10 pages long; everything from massage down to Tai Chi and Yoga classes, with plenty of feminine treatments like waxing, manicure, hair stuff, and so on thrown into the mix.

But there's a lot more to enjoy about Thailand's golf offerings than a good pampering, take a look at what's out here, maybe you'll make the trip out here and see for yourself!

A love for the game of golf and a life of leisure led Bill to the happiest place on earth, Thailand. Health and travel tips, detailed course information, and any good deals on Phuket golf courses airfare, accommodation and anything else that has to do with golf tourism in Asia/Pacific or a Thailand golf vacation

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Side Trip to Jomtien Thailand

If people talk about vacationing in Thailand, the very first place they would go to would be Bangkok. This is of course the most usual item in an itinerary considering that Bangkok after all is one of the most famous cities in the world, with its combination of tradition and modernity. The city of Bangkok is set with several huge department stores, graced with the old temples and decorated with a number of palaces. It also offers an exciting shopping experience and thriving nightlife. The action that Bangkok provides its tourists and residents fit what young people travelling together or alone, especially if most of their preference is geared towards party and shopping scenes. But families traveling to Thailand might want to have some side trip to a more family oriented tourist spot, the town of Jomtien in Pattaya, Chonburi.

Jomtien is a coastal area that had been populated with merely small shanties before. The shanties however had turned into Jomtien condos, Thai and non Thai restaurants and even bars. Aside from this, Jomtien offers other attractions as well, those that can be participated by families, local and foreign alike. Jomtien has beaches that are not so far off from Monkey Island, an off shore resort that is populated with uncaged monkeys. The nearness of Jomtien to such resort makes Jomtien a nice destination since one can easily get to the unique resort then. Jomtien also offers other attractions too, like the water sports of para sailing and jet skiing. Aside from that, the area is close to water parks and golf courses too, as well as places that hold festivals and shows like the elephant rides.

But where does one stay in Jomtien? Jomtien, along with the other areas of Pattaya, Chonburi, is teeming with hotels, inns and condominiums. All these are open to local and foreign tourists. The best accommodation deals however are with the Jomtien condos that are either for rent or sale. The Jomtien condos that are for sale are patterned after a resort style living or are condominium hotels at the same time. Take for example the Amazon Paradise Jomtien, one of the latest condominium project in Jomtien. The Amazon, at a price of under two million baht, offers a nice way to spend one's vacation or get away days. The condominium does not only stand proud as something that caters to people's desire since the plans for the condominium's design and functions came from the developer's previous projects, but it also stands as a resort style condominium with rooms that are fully furnished with basic but luxurious and classy amenities. The rooms range from 35 square meters to 80 square meters.

The greatest attraction of Amazon Paradise Jomtien is its well engineered swimming pool. The three level pool surrounds all buildings of the condominium. It has some slides and several built in waterfalls and fountains. Some waterfalls serve as Jacuzzis where the residents can soak around all day. The swimming pool, being jungle themed and lagoon styled, has several animal statues situated everywhere, Also included in the pool's design are islets with real sand for sand sculptures. To enhance the jungle look, water plants and palm trees are planted near the pool and on the islets. The end look resembles something like a mini Amazon jungle.

Other amenities found in the Amazon are a gym, a children's play area, a restaurant bar, car parking, reserve water system, electric buggy service to the beach and Wi-Fi access.

Other condominium projects found in Jomtien are Jomtien Beach Condominium, Majestic, Talay, Park Lane, and Reflections. There are actually still more condominium projects in Jomtien and some sell off their units for less than a million baht while some sell them off for more than two million even. Although the other projects offer great things as well, the Amazon has the greatest advantage mainly because its amenities such as, again, the pool, are way excellent for its unit prices.

So if one is choosing which condominium should one buy, one has to remember whether the price to be paid for is worthy of the unit and the condo facilities. Or if it is possible, would offer much more for the indicated costs. And, among all Jomtien condos, Amazon Paradise Jomtien reflects such sale characteristic.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Unique Golfing Holidays in Thailand and Phuket

To plan a vacation in Thailand and Phuket means lots of activities, adventures, and sports. To facilitate such tours there are many travel agencies that provide interesting packages like the Thailand golf holiday or Phuket golf holiday. Golfing holidays have become immensely popular with people who have an inclination to engage in sophisticated sports. Even the corporate world has come under the direct influence of such inviting vacations.

While golfing in some beautiful, breathtaking setting is a definite luxury; booking with travelers while also providing a full getaway package that includes comfortable, air conditioned transport, five star hotel accommodations, and private golf club parties, among other features is a preferred way to travel today. All this and lots more is available at a high discount rate. A Thailand golf or Phuket golf holiday can mean much more fun than an impromptu visit to this enchanting island.

While many people enjoy golf as a casual pastime on a regular basis, it can be a winning activity in itself when you are on holiday. You can also enroll in championship competitions, which go on at these Thailand golf courses almost all year round. Those who have mastered the sport and are spending their time leisurely at the beaches can choose to get involved in competitive games and take away hundreds of interesting prizes.

Coming to the services of the Thailand golf club resorts, or for that matter, those belonging to the Phuket golf grounds one can hardly complain. Quality services with exceptional facilities like spas, gyms, swimming pools, community halls, theater rooms, and conference places are available at almost all of the resorts and will tend to provide the best kind of hospitality to their guests. Services are customized to individual needs and preferences of the clients staying with the Thailand or Phuket golf resorts

Whether you want to take a Thailand golf vacation package or Phuket golf holiday you should pre-plan the entire tour. Scrutinize the services and the offers properly and ask for best golf course recommendations. In fact, some of the currently favored golf courses in Phuket are Red Mountain Golf Club, Blue Canyon, and Loch Palm. Planning a trip also means to properly sort out the budget part. This helps in prioritizing how one wants to spend holidays in an exotic location.

When you want to arrange a memorable party, considering Thailand golf packages may be a good option. This will be a cost effective plan because vacationing with Phuket golf resorts or Thailand golf club sponsored hotels will actually fetch you a considerable discount. So, there are many things to be thought through carefully. Take your time, search well, and then book.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Thailand Tour Packages - A Wholesome Holiday Package

Thailand, in South East Asia is a popular tourist destination where you can have a fulfilling, fun filled holiday. Thailand tour packages offer a bit of everything-the hustle and bustle of the city life in Bangkok, the Capital of Thailand as well as the quiet tranquillity of its pristine beaches. From shopping to nightlife, wildlife and nature, a Thailand holiday promises to be wholesome fun!

At Bangkok one would experience the cosmopolitan and diverse culture of Thailand. Dazzling temples, hotels of different kinds and sizes, vibrant nightlife, sights and attractions that reflect its culture and heritage, soaring sky scrapers, variety of discotheques and bars, restaurants and street side food stalls, tuk tuk ride, kickboxing matches, Thai massages---there is plenty to do and see in Thailand. Thailand package would include visits to The National Museum, Buddha Temples, night clubs, and shopping malls. Bangkok is undoubtedly a shopping haven with its ritzy malls and souvenir markets. After the urban experience you could head to the beaches for some fun and frolic, the most popular beaches being Phuket and Pattaya beaches. There are lot of islands around Phuket connected by speed boats and water scooters. The turquoise waters of the Phuket beaches, along the palm-fringed shoreline and the long sandy coastline provides opportunities for snorkelling, diving, parasailing, wind surfing, jet skiing. Some of the places you could visit here are The Phuket Aquarium, Phuket FantaSea, the Disneyland of Southeast Asia, The Butterfly farm and Chalong Temple.A boat ride or sunset cruise into the picturesque locale of the James Bond Island where the Famous James Bond film,'The man with Golden gun' was shot is a popular part of the Thailand tour packages.

Pattaya is yet another lovely beach where you could enjoy a whole lot of water sports like snorkelling and fun rides like the banana boat ride and jet skiing. Tourists often take trips to off shore coral islands too. The nightlife here is very enjoyable and the entertainment shows are very popular-shows like the Alcazar show and the Tiffany show are known for their flamboyance. Water parks, amusement parks and the Crocodile Park will be of interest to the children. The Underwater World hosts about 200 or more species of sea life under the sea. To explore wild life there is the elephant village and the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. At the Elephant village you can see the elephants playing soccer or you could also take an elephant ride. The Floating market is sure to be another interesting experience- Paddle Boats are used by vendors to sell their wares. Other attractions are the Bottle Art Museum and The Marine Science Aquarium and Museum.

The Krabi Island, one of the southern provinces of Thailand would be the highlight of a Thailand package. Towering limestone cliffs, soft white beaches, small coves, lush greenery, naturally beautiful blue waters, exotic islands, and colourful marine life make Krabi a very attractive holiday destination.Krabi is popular for scuba diving, kayaking, rock climbing, jungle treks and snorkelling-the surrounding seas are home to anemones, coral reefs and amazing marine life. You could also visit the tiger cave, and Krabi town or explore the Krabi River by cruising along or enjoy a fish farm lunch at floating raft houses.

A Thailand tour package is guaranteed to provide you all the fun, excitement and entertainment that you have always wanted to have.

Monday, 9 January 2012


14 December 2011 - 14 March 2012
A Tribute to The Royal Perseverance

The International Horticultural Exposition is also

To commemorate three auspicious occasions.
- His Majesty the King’s 7th Cylcle Birthday Anniversary

- Her Majesty The Queen’s 80th Birthday Anniversary

- His Royal Highness the Crown Prince’s 60th Birthday Anniversary

2. To pay tribute to the perseverance of the Royal family royal initiatives and royal projects.

3. To provoke the realization of the global warming.

4. To demonstrate the potential in horticultural developments of Thailand.

5. To promote international cooperation.

6. To exchange horticultural knowledge and technologies among horticulturist both at the national and international levels.

7. To promote the economic cooperation, society, culture and tourism among the participating countries.

Mascots and their Name

Nong Khun (Ratchaphruek flower)

Grown, active, happy, energetic and confident represents the new generation environmentalist with new ideas and view points of earth and nature care.

Lom Bin (the wind)

Playful with full of energy and active. Represent the wind and electrical power.

Din Chum (the fertility soil)

Strong, kind and dependable. Represent the mineral required.

Num Sai (the clean water)

Gentle, kind and cheerful. Couple together with Din Chum will provide fertility to the soil and luxuriate the crop.

Ai Un (the sunlight)

Charm, warmth and leadership. Takes care of everyone. Brings sunshine to the world.
Royal Flora Ratchaphruek 2011

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