Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Going Out In Phuket Island

There is so much to do in Phuket Island that it will be difficult for you to cram everything into your holiday time. Most likely, you will be planning your trip to Phuket Island for the next year prior to leaving as most people who visit this part of the world try to make it an annual event.

When going out in Phuket island, you will probably want some transportation. You can rent a tuk tuk, which is a taxi cab, or take the bus. Be careful not to allow the tuk tuk driver to be your “guide” during your holiday. Tourists are often an easy target in any tourist area and Phuket Island is no different. Arrange a fare with the driver before you allow him to take you anywhere.

Phuket Island is a relatively safe holiday destination and is probably much safer than large cities in the West. There are tourist police everywhere and most of them speak English as well as an assortment of other languages. Many of the people who visit Phuket Island come from Europe, Australia and Japan. People in the United States are just beginning to discover the wonders of Phuket Island as air fare to this part of the world continues to drop.

You should be careful to take precautions when going out in Phuket Island, Thailand. Stay on the beaten path and do not carry more money than necessary. This is common sense whenever you are traveling anywhere. Going out in Phuket Island, Thailand is no different than going out in your own city. You actually have more of a chance falling prey to a crime when you are at home and your guard is down than while on holiday, but take safety precautions anyway.

When going out in Phuket Island to the markets or night markets, make sure that you keep your money in a place where it will be difficult for someone to sneak away from you. Pick pockets usually work in teams - one person distracts you while the other lifts your wallet. Keep your wits about you and do not carry your wallet in your back pocket where it can easily be snatched.

Dress is casual when going out in Phuket Island, Thailand. Just like any other tourist destination, casual dress is accepted in all of the restaurants. When packing for your trip, bring some casual but smart clothes that can be worn in the nicer restaurants. Remember that the weather is very hot in Phuket Island and pack accordingly.

When going out in Phuket Island, Thailand, you can visit some of the nightclubs that play live music or visit the wild side of town in Patong where the go go bars are still operating. Phuket Island relies on the tourist trade for their living and although some hedonistic pleasures, such as the go go bars, are frowned upon, they still operate in abundance, particularly in Patong Beach.

For a more sedate time when going out in Phuket Island, Thailand, visit Phuket Town and view some of the historic sites. In Phuket Town, you can also dine in some of the finest restaurants on the island. Whatever you want to do during your Asian holiday, you can find it in Phuket Island.

By: Ravi Verma

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