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Traditional Thai Architecture & Antiquities at the Suan Pakkad Palace

Once the home of Princess Chumphot, the Suan Pakkad Palace is situated on Si Ayutthaya Road, near the Phayathai intersection. Princess Chumbhot was one of the prominent art collectors in Thailand. Here, there are five traditionally built Thai houses that oversee a well maintained beautiful park, and display a huge collection of Thai antiquities.

These houses were first constructed in 1952 by Prince and Princess Chumphot of Nagor Svarga. Some of the exhibits are from the ancestors of Prince Chumphot and are over a few centuries ancient. The Lacquer pavilion is located on the southern end of the park, while the Ban-Chiang and Marsi galleries are on the Chumphot Pantip collection of pre-historic items.

Formerly, the Lacquer pavilion was located in the Ban Kling temple, and dates to the seventeenth century. It was shifted by Prince Chumphot after obtaining a formal approval from the abbot.

The exterior is sculptured beautifully in wood, while the interior walls are made with gold over black lacquer. There are various drawings and paintings inside that display the different events related to Lord Buddha, and also from the Hindu classic Ramayana. There are also many pictures that give an idea about the contemporary Thai life in those times, and some show the early foreign travelers to Ayudha. This is a unique part of the collection making the Suan Pakkad Palace exclusive among all others in Thailand.

The famous Marsi Gallery is situated on the second floor of the Chumphot Pantin center for arts. The gallery derives its name from Marsi Paribatra, the daughter of Prince and Princess Chumphot of Nagor Svarga. It was originally created with the purpose of furtherance of art activities and for holding exhibits for artists throughout the year.

The park surrounding the Suan Pakkad Palace is exquisitely beautiful with colorful flower beds, and the Baiyoke tower can be clearly seen from the garden; this is the tallest structure in Thailand. The Suan Pakkad Palace can be visited on most days and is easily accessible from Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running V

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running V
Date :
March 21st - 22nd, 2009
Venue : Songkhla to Satun

Thailand Ocean to Ocean Relay Running V - Sunset to Sunrise is held for the first time in Thailand. Thailand is comprised with 2 beautiful shores in which the east is part of the Pacific Ocean (Gulf of Thailand) and along the western shore is the Indian Ocean (Andaman Sea).
The total distance is 136.6 km. From the amount of distance covered in this relay running event with a team of 8 runners, estimating 18 km. per runner, thus, the total session should take about 12 hours.

In this case, starting from the eastern shore of Songkhla Province (Pacific Ocean - Gulf of Thailand) by the time sun rises, to the western shore of Satun Province (Indian Ocean - Andaman Sea) after the sun has set.

For more informations
Vejthani Hospital Tel. 66 2734 - 0390 Ext. 1206
Hatyai Running Club Tel. 66 1959 - 8461
TAT Hatyai Office Tel. 66 7423 1055, 66 7423 8518, 66 7424 3747 , ,

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Hotel infrastructure in Thailand

Bangkok, capital of Thailand is the heart and soul of the country and one of Asia's most dynamic cities. You will be pleasantly surprised in this frantic and steamy tropical city offering gleaming skyscrapers, glittering temples, colorful street markets, sophisticated shopping malls, bustling nightlife, and a vibrancy at every turn which reflects the incredible economic growth of the last few years.

Despite Bangkok became a booming, modern capital with a lot of tourists recently, it still manages to retain its unique Siamese heritage in the wonderful food, Buddhist tolerance, exotic architecture, culture, and Thai hospitality. If you use "Sky train" symbolizing Bangkok's rapid development you can get some great views over a capital in constant change and a convenient way to get around the main areas. Bangkok is one of the most exciting and exotic cities in the world without any doubts!

When you are in Thailand you will be pleasantly met with a great tradition of hospitality and nowhere is this clearer than in its hotels. You will see the famous Thai smile and get excellent facilities, excellent service etc. Take any international poll and you will find at least one Thai hotel in the top ten in the world! And moreover, whatever your budget, there is something to meet your means as accommodation in Thailand is not just a series of top-of-the-range hotels and luxury Thailand property. You can choose from various guesthouses, resorts, rooms with a view to the city or to the ocean!

Thailand hotel infrastructure is excellent and hotel accommodation is available in all categories, from the most basic, cheap guest house to hotels that range top by international standards. And you can find accommodation not only in Bangkok, but hotels of all categories, right up to the top in provincial towns and tourist destinations as well.

Usually luxury five star hotels are located in very expensive districts of Bangkok together with famous and popular property in Thailand around. There are many things to see and to do in Bangkok, such a great Metropolis that is also a great place for shopping. Bangkok offers you an extraordinary selection of Hotels, tourism infrastructure, Thailand property, Resorts and Serviced Apartments from budget Guest House and Cheap Hostels to 5 stars Hotels and Resorts.

Thailand has international standard accommodation not just in the capital Bangkok and some popular beach resorts but almost all over the country that is not typical for most developing or newly industrialized countries attracting foreign investments in property in Thailand projects. Tourism in Thailand became the biggest business and reason for such fast development. Only 10 or 15 years ago tourists couldn't find international standard hotels, but today you will see them at far off places like Mae Hong Son which a few years back wasn't even accessible by road all year round.

Foreign visitor can even experience both nature and the comfort in exotic luxury accommodations built right in the jungles, for example in Kanchanaburi province if they wish and ready to pay.

Among all Southeast Asian countries the Kingdom of Thailand draws the highest amount of visitors as this country has irresistible combination of breathtaking natural beauty, inspiring temples, renowned hospitality, robust cuisine and ruins of fabulous ancient kingdoms. Thailand has everything from the verdant limestone islands of the Andaman Sea and the stupa-studded mountains of Mae Hong Son, to the tranquil villages moored along the Mekong River and the pulse-pounding dance clubs of Bangkok and every type of traveler will find what he needs for great vacations.

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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Pattaya International Music Festival 2009

Cool music to beat summer heat

Pattaya International Music Festival gets underway 20 March to help residents and visitors to beat recession blues.

The grand Pattaya Music Festival is back in town to entertain music lovers. This is an unrivalled opportunity to enjoy a weekend of listening and dancing to beautiful music performed by more than 100 musicians. Fun awaits everyone, 20 to 22 March.

Postponed last year, the festival is back and promises to be an annual event.
According to Pattaya’s city hall it was revived to lighten the mood to give residents and tourists all the more reason to smile and enjoy the resort.
It echoes the sentiments of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night – “if music be the food of love play on”…

The event is also part of a wider nation-wide campaign “Amazing Thailand Amazing Value” managed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to deliver events and value-for-money features to Thai and international travellers.

For music lovers it will certainly enhance their holiday and will also help to turn Pattaya into a musical paradise broadening its appeal.

The event is supported by well-known music companies such as GMM Grammy and its partners Modernine TV, Channel [V] Thailand, Channel [V] International and the Korea Foundation for International Exchange.

International musicians will be flown in by recording companies such as SM Entertainment from Korea, EEG from Hong Kong, Ocean Butterfly from China, House of Indies from Vietnam, Halo Music from Malaysia, AMPHEAD from Australia, INDEE RECORDS from Laos, and AVEX from Taiwan.

Visitors can choose their own style of music too. Are you into Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, or Rock musicĪ‰ The event features three music stages located at the Bali Hai pier at the southern end of the main bay, central Pattaya, and Pattaya Soi 4. Music themes will rotate between all three stages.

On Friday 20 March, visitors can enjoy Pop songs at the Bali Hai, Rock at central Pattaya and easy listening music at Soi 4. On Saturday, Pop and Rock will be performed at the Bali Hai stage, Hip-Hop at central Pattaya, and Jazz at Soi 4, while on Sunday, visitors can enjoy Rock at Bali Hai, Country Western music at central Pattaya, and Pop Rock at Soi 4.

Thai musicians include Golf&Mike, Pancake, Clash, ABNormal, Paradox, Bodyslam, Ebola, Zeal, Joey Boy and THE STAR.

International artists such as SHINEE and Girl’s generation from Korea, Kym Jin Sha from China, Cirque due Freak from Australia, Minh Thu from Vietnam, Rynn Lim from Malaysia, and Kenny Kwan from Hong Kong will also join the event.

TAT is responsible for two of the stages, one at the south Pattaya pier (Bali Hai) and one at Soi 4 on Pattaya beach road. The third stage in central Pattaya, is funded by a Bt10 million budget and run by Pattaya city and Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organisation.

For more information
TAT Call Center 1672
TAT Pattaya 66 (0) 3842 1005-6
e-mail :

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Thailand is one of the most accessible and well known countries in South East Asia.

Thailand is one of the most accessible and well known countries in South East Asia.

Sun seekers lie on the beaches on one of Thailands many beautiful tropical islands, backpackers explore Thailands culture and Westerners who stay long term hang out in Bangkok or work in one of Thailands tourist resorts.

Tourism in Thailand has been heavily promoted by the Tourism Authority Thailand. Tourism in Thailand is well organized and the attractions are easily accessible. Increasing numbers of tourists from the West are visiting amazing.

It has varied attractions including interesting and cultured cities historical parks with stunning monuments and temples from ancient Siam national parks of outstanding natural beauty, wildlife sanctuaries, tropical islands, beaches, and tasty food and meditation retreats.

The Kingdom of Thailand, which used to be called Siam until 1939, has never been colonized by the West and therefore does not have the same resentment towards foreigners that is experienced in some other countries. Thailand is an interesting country to visit historically and culturally with impressive ruins from ancient empires in Thailand. It was invaded by the Burmese and was under Khmer control for some time.

People from other areas such as China, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Tibet have ended up in Thailand, leading to a diverse mixture of people and cultures. Buddhism came to Thailand from India in the second or third century BC and has become the predominant religion but there is also a strong Muslim community.

Thais are very proud of their King. The easy going attitude of the people in Thailand has led to Thailand being known as the Land of Smiles. Thais tend to be pleasant and friendly, and used to tourists. English is now taught in schools so many young Thais speak some English.

Thailand is part of South East Asia and borders Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia. Refugees from Myanmar live in settlements in Thailand. Thailands hill tribes in the north consist of different ethnic groups and sea gypsies live on the islands in the south.

There are border crossings between Thailand and her neighbouring countries, allowing travellers to cross by land. Thailand is a good place to start a trip to South East Asia as it is very easy going well set up for tourists and it is possible to get visas for other countries in Bangkok.

Thailand is shaped like an elephant, with the northern region being the ears and head, and the southern gulf being the trunk. The Siamese elephant is a national emblem and there are still some wild elephants left in Thailand.

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Do You Need a Visa to Visit Thailand?

Visiting Thailand only requires a passport for visits that are 30 days or less. This pertains to U.S. citizens. Citizens from other countries need to check with their country's embassy or consular section and see what the rules are.

For Americans, a current passport and a visa are required if you are planning on vacation of more than 30 days. You can pick up the visa at the nearest Thai consulate or embassy. Online forms and information are all over the place making it easy to get current information and prepare better.

The normal requirement is your passport, a filled out visa request form, and two pictures. There is a fee of approximately $50 but you should check and see what the current fees are. If your passport is going to expire within the next six months, you may be required to purchase a new one.

If there is no consulate near your home, you can pick up a visa upon arrival at the airport or visit the immigration office in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, or Chiang Mai. The easiest and recommend way is to get the visa before you go so you don't have to worry about it when you are in Thailand.

There are other types of visa available for foreigners. You can get a work visa if you are going to be employed in Thailand. Check the rules and regulations for this. There are serious criminal penalties for working in Thailand without a work visa.

If you are planning on retiring in Thailand, you can get a one-year visa. You still have to check in with Thai immigration every 3 months, but the one year visa has been a godsend for most expats. It sure beats making quarterly visa runs to Laos or Cambodia. You have to be at least 50-years old to qualify for this visa. There are also some medical and financial requirements. Check for the latest as it seems that the rules for this visa change annually.

There has also been some mass confusion on some changes that were imposed in 2007 limiting the amount of days that a foreigner could spend in Thailand with visa extensions. Again, check for the latest updates and be prepared for additional changes. Hopefully, the new Prime Minister is favorable to foreigners.

Visiting Thailand can be a wonderful experience and can be enhanced by staying even long than the normal 2-week vacation. For most countries, acquiring a visa for an extended stay is a minor bureaucratic exercise and only requires one form, 2 pictures, and a little bit of money. With the cost of fuel and airline fares, I prefer to stay longer than shorter.

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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Volunteer on a Gap Year in Thailand

The top gap year destination in Asia is definitely Thailand. Thailand has so much to offer to the traveller and in particular to the gay year traveller. Taking a Gap Year in Thailand is amazing! There is no other word that would better define the experience of Thailand.

Many travellers will be doing volunteer work in Thailand during their gap year. There are lots and lots of volunteer opportunities in Thailand. Lets take a closer look.

The Kingdom of Thailand lies in Southeast Asia. To its east lies Laos and Cambodia; to its south, the Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia; and to its west Myanmar. For well seasoned travellers Thailand would for sure be in the top three travel destinations in the world. Thailand is the world's 49th-largest country. It is comparable in size to France, and somewhat larger than the US state of California.

Most of the Thai people are Buddhists of the Theravada tradition. Muslims are the second largest religious group in Thailand at 4.6%. Buddhism is central to modern Thai identity and belief. In practice, Thai Buddhism has evolved over time to include many regional beliefs originating from animism as well as ancestor worship.

In areas in the southernmost parts of Thailand, Islam is prevalent. Several different ethnic groups, many of which are marginalized, populate Thailand. Some of these groups overlap into Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Malaysia and have maintained a distinctly traditional way-of-life despite strong Thai cultural influence. Overseas Chinese also form a significant part of Thai society, particularly in and around Bangkok.

The best way to have a meaningful holiday in Thailand is to join a volunteering program. To volunteer in Thailand not only give you great volunteering experiences but it also give you the unique opportunity to get to know the real Thailand and its people.

Doing volunteer work in Thailand can be done on a gap year abroad, a career break or on a short term volunteer vacation. Thailand is a very easy country to travel so even a one week trip can be very rewarding. Many people love the country so much that they stay for much longer then they anticipates.

Thailand can be divided in three parts : the south, central and the north. The south of Thailand consist of holiday spots such as Samui, Phuket and Krabi. The centre is mainly Bangkok and the surrounding areas and the north has great cities such as Chiangmai and Chiangrai. The south is very relaxed and very much tourism oriented. Bangkok is a real hustle and bustle. And the north is the mountainous area with great cultural sights.

Volunteering can be done all over Thailand. The two main volunteer activities are teaching English and conservation.

Conservation work is mostly with animals such as volunteering with turtles and endangered animals. Teaching is done in schools and orphanages.

Taking a volunteering trip in Thailand will offer you the unique opportunity to understand this wonderful country in a very meaningful way. Also it will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate ones.

Thailand has a lot to offer for a volunteer and gap year travellers, called The Land of Smiles, Thailand really lives up to its reputation and more!

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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Why is Thailand Such a Popular Travel Destination?

Thailand, or the "Land of Smiles", as it is also called, is one of the most popular tourist destinations. When you ask someone what are his top travel destinations, Thailand will often be the answer. What makes Thailand such a popular tourist destination? We will see that there are quite a few contributing factors that make Thailand such a popular country.

First of all, Thailand isn't called the "Land of Smiles" for nothing; there is a good reason why it has that name. Thailand has the reputation of being a country that is extremely hospitable for tourists. Thais are such nice people, always smiling and trying to help whenever they can. They are genuinely interested and have at heart that everyone who visit's Thailand enjoys their stay. Even though this is a very good reason to visit Thailand, there are a few more that make's it a must for any tourist.

Another reason would be the rich culture and history of the country. When you visit Thailand, you will be amazed at the number of great temples that you can find a bit everywhere. While in Bangkok, everyone should stop by the Grand palace and the temple of the Emerald Buddha. After that, whether you go up North towards Chiang Mai or down south towards Phuket, you will find many temples and a rich culture that is truly unique. Ayutthaya is such a grand sight to behold and is an UNESCO world heritage site. But there are not only nice temples and ruins to visit in Thailand, the natural beauty of the country is one of its greatest assets.

Beautiful beaches in the South, mountains and rainforest to the North, there is really something for everyone in Thailand. Phuket is one of the top destinations in South East Asia and for good reasons. The beaches are superb, the weather is great, what can you ask more? In Thailand there are more beautiful beaches than you can possibly hope to visit during your trip, so you should choose carefully. Koh Phi Phi is one of the most popular and became famous after the movie The Beach. There are hundred of tourists that visit Koh Phi Phi every day. But the North also has its charm, although a different kind of charm. If you want to do some jungle trek, you will be very happy by going around Chiang Mai. It is a very fulfilling experience to do a jungle trek in the mountains around Chiang Mai and to visit some small villages.

Shopping is another reason why so many people go to Thailand. Bangkok is quickly becoming a shopper's paradise. There are huge shopping malls being built around the city and the prices are very good. You can find many bargains if you look around and can also find the top brands in the bigger shopping malls such as Siam Paragon and Central World. If you stop by Bangkok, you should definitely go to the Chatuchak weekend market, the biggest open market in the world. There are over 15,000 stalls and each day hundred of thousands of people go to the market.

Thai food is another reason why people want to go to Thailand. Everyone knows about Thai food, it is very popular and gaining in popularity in Europe and North America. In Thailand, Thai food is much better than what you will find anywhere else and there are restaurants everywhere. There is so much choice of food that when arriving in Thailand you won't know where to eat. Thai cuisine is very diverse, as there are specialties form the North of Thailand and also form the South. You should definitely try a Pad Thai when you arrive in Thailand, you will fall in love with that meal.

Finally, the last reason is the price. Aside from the air ticket, staying in Thailand is very cheap. You can find nice hotels for about 30$ US and if you eat in smaller restaurants it will cost you around 2$. Activities are also very cheap, as is travel. Staying in Thailand won't cost you as much as the air ticket if you want to stay on a budget. You could easily spend a lot of money if you stay in the top hotels, as there are prices for everyone, but you can also easily spend very little each day.

So with all these nice factors that make Thailand truly unique, it is no wonder that it is such a popular destination. Everyone should visit Thailand at least once in their life. All of these factors individually could be enough to visit this wonderful country, but when you add them all together, you get a destination that you won't want to leave.

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Plan Your Holiday To Thailand For A Culture Experience

When you plan your holiday to Thailand, you will want to experience some of the culture. The first place you stop at should be the Chiang Mai Culture Centre. You can see a traditional tribal and folk show, and intriguing displays about the northern culture. The National Museum also exhibits all the culture of Thailand. The rooftop is fascinating as well. You will learn about the culture and the history of the area. The Tribal Museum is down the road and has many beautiful exhibits. The exhibits of the hill tribes are amazing to see. You will learn many interesting things about Thailand by visiting these two attractions.

While deciding about the other things to do when planning your holidays to Thailand, you should include a trip to the zoo. You will see the Pandas as well as African and Asian animals. Then there is the Art Museum. The exhibits are fascinating to see and read about while learning about the type of artworks that are custom in Thailand. After a few indoor activities, you might enjoy a day outdoors at the National Park. You will see birds, plants and some smaller creatures. The waterfalls are beautiful and the hiking trails are enjoyable and easy to walk.

Another place to plan to see is the waterfalls called Namtok Huai Kaew located by the zoo. Then you can take a trip to the Doi Pui Tribal Village. The village is a true Hmong village that has all the older traditions and a beautiful view of Doi Inthanon. The Royal Winter Palace is another spectacular place to see. It is a palace on the mountain with a beautiful garden adorning the grounds. If you visit from December to February, you will not be allowed inside because the Royal family will be there.

Holidays to Thailand are about culture and what better way to experience the culture than with a Khantoke Dinner. The dinner consists of many different dishes, which are a northern tradition. They have culture dances and other shows during the meals, which are courtesy of the hillside tribes. It is a real treat to visit Thailand and see how they live and celebrate different holidays. The Hmong New Year is a spectacular tradition and if you can travel during that time, you will see beautiful costumes and enjoy a cultural experience like you never have before.

If your holidays to Thailand are going to include some shopping, you will want to visit Night Bazaar. You will find souvenirs and handmade items. The Night Bazaar does not open until six at night. You can find just about anything you want. The fabrics are fascinating and reasonable priced. You can enjoy a great vacation to Thailand and see how everyone lives and how the tribes live. The culture is amazing to see and learning more about the culture is exciting. You will enjoy a week or longer in Thailand experiencing the customs.

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Discover The Hidden Thailand

Thailand is more than Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai. In fact, there are a great many fascinating out-of-the-way places that regular visitors know and love, which you might like to consider adding to your itinerary when you’re planning your next trip to Thailand.

About 260 km outside Bangkok, the ancient city of Nakhon Ratchasima, also known by its historical name of Khorat, is famous for its several heritage sites that reveal the roots of traditional Thai culture. Once the gateway to the country’s northeast, the city was a major centre of the vast and influential Khmer kingdom, which stretched across much of Southeast Asia, between the 9th and 15th centuries. Life moves at a relaxed pace here, compared to the main tourist centres. Just south of Nakhon Ratchasima, in a lush river valley, is the delightful market village of Dan Kwain, well known for the fine quality of its ceramics and distinguished by the individuality of its products.

Near Nakhon Ratchasima, there are dense forests, mountains, and rivers with spectacular waterfalls. Khao Yai National Park, listed as a World Heritage site in 2005, undulates over magnificent mountain ranges blanketed by thick forests, and plunges down deep valleys with wild river courses. Wildlife is abundant and accessible and you can see elephants, tigers, monkeys, black bears, deer, butterflies, insects, and birds. This is an ideal place to spot a Hornbill, which is common in the park from August to September. You can even join tiger-spotting trips accompanied by park rangers.

The quiet riverside town of Kanchanaburi, about 130 km west of Bangkok, is another place where you can explore more of Thailand’s natural and historic treasures. Kanchanaburi lies next to the Kwai River, where the famous World War II bridge still stands (the subject of an Oscar-winning movie, The Bridge Over the River Kwai). It’s a poignant reminder of the hardship endured by those who were forced to work on the infamous Thai-Burma Railway. Natural attractions here include numerous lovely waterfalls and caves. The trek through the steamy undergrowth, to the stunning seven-tiered Erewan Waterfalls, is well worth the effort. Your reward is a plunge into the cool, clear water beneath the falls, where curious fish nibble at your toes.

North of Chiang Mai, in the jungle wilderness, is Thailand’s highest mountain, Doi Inthanon. The national park, also of that name, presents some of the regions most exciting trekking opportunities. Best accessed by motorbike, due to the rough and narrow roads, Doi Inthanon is a mountainous expanse with deep valleys that contain a rich diversity of distinctive flora and fauna. Be warned that temperatures on the mountain top can drop to –8 C and the peak is often swathed in mist. Here you’ll find the prized red and white varieties of rhododendron, as well as more than 350 bird species, more than in any other location in Thailand.

Sukhothai, Thailand’s first administrative and cultural capital, established in 1257, is today a group of well-preserved ruins. During its 120-year golden period, the old city was known for its stunning temples, statues and gardens, and is now a significant historical focal point. The site is well worth the short drive out of the current city of Sukhothai, about 400 km north of Bangkok.

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