Friday, 29 August 2008

Great Restaurants And Areas To Eat In Bangkok, Thailand

When you’re in Thailand you will never be short of great places to eat at cheap and affordable prices. Thai food is found all over the world but like many places, what you get in Thailand will totally blow your mind in terms of quality and what authentic Thai food really tastes like.

Where do you start when you’re in Thailand? Well if you’re in central Bangkok and want an array of choices, head for the new CentralWorld Shopping complex. Southeast Asia’s largest megamall offers over 50 restaurants up for you’re choosing and this isn’t inclusive of their humungous food court that might tempt you as well with its cheap and delicious servings.

Another place similar would be The Emporium which plays host to the The Park Food Hall and the Erawan Bangkok which is home to Urban Kitchen. The Park Food Hall is a more formal kind of setting with many food bars and a huge 400 seating dinning area in a soft-lighted atmosphere. Choose from gourmet Arabic dishes, Japanese sashimi, fresh pizzas from the pizzeria, Thai delicacies and even simple dishes like bangers and mash. The Urban kitchen is a little different, with 14 restaurants under one roof. Choose from the famous Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, which serves Chinese dim-sum and freshly made noodles, Erawan Japanese Restaurant; which serves authentic Jap food, The Erawan Tea Room which overlooks the famous Erawan shrine and much more.

If you want a break from the malls, try Baan kanitha; an award winning Thai Cuisine restaurant located on 69 Sathorn Road. Located in a grand Thai House, this neat restaurant doubles up as an art gallery as well, branding works of art all over the walls, adding an even more special ambiance to your dinning experience. Try some of their signature dishes such as the stir-fried river prawns with curry powder and chicken wrapped in pandan leaf to complete a satisfying experience.

For a journey back in time try out the Blue Elephant restaurant located on 233 south Sathorn Road. Traditional Thai cuisine with fusion flare is on the menu in this lovely restaurant that makes you feel like you’ve travelled back a 100 years. Try their specialty house starter, the pearl of the Blue Elephant which compromises a selection of Asian favorites such as Satay and fish cakes with different sauces. If you’re in to trying something slightly different, dishes such as stir-fried crocodile meat might be something to look out for on their menus.


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