Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Side Trip to Jomtien Thailand

If people talk about vacationing in Thailand, the very first place they would go to would be Bangkok. This is of course the most usual item in an itinerary considering that Bangkok after all is one of the most famous cities in the world, with its combination of tradition and modernity. The city of Bangkok is set with several huge department stores, graced with the old temples and decorated with a number of palaces. It also offers an exciting shopping experience and thriving nightlife. The action that Bangkok provides its tourists and residents fit what young people travelling together or alone, especially if most of their preference is geared towards party and shopping scenes. But families traveling to Thailand might want to have some side trip to a more family oriented tourist spot, the town of Jomtien in Pattaya, Chonburi.

Jomtien is a coastal area that had been populated with merely small shanties before. The shanties however had turned into Jomtien condos, Thai and non Thai restaurants and even bars. Aside from this, Jomtien offers other attractions as well, those that can be participated by families, local and foreign alike. Jomtien has beaches that are not so far off from Monkey Island, an off shore resort that is populated with uncaged monkeys. The nearness of Jomtien to such resort makes Jomtien a nice destination since one can easily get to the unique resort then. Jomtien also offers other attractions too, like the water sports of para sailing and jet skiing. Aside from that, the area is close to water parks and golf courses too, as well as places that hold festivals and shows like the elephant rides.

But where does one stay in Jomtien? Jomtien, along with the other areas of Pattaya, Chonburi, is teeming with hotels, inns and condominiums. All these are open to local and foreign tourists. The best accommodation deals however are with the Jomtien condos that are either for rent or sale. The Jomtien condos that are for sale are patterned after a resort style living or are condominium hotels at the same time. Take for example the Amazon Paradise Jomtien, one of the latest condominium project in Jomtien. The Amazon, at a price of under two million baht, offers a nice way to spend one's vacation or get away days. The condominium does not only stand proud as something that caters to people's desire since the plans for the condominium's design and functions came from the developer's previous projects, but it also stands as a resort style condominium with rooms that are fully furnished with basic but luxurious and classy amenities. The rooms range from 35 square meters to 80 square meters.

The greatest attraction of Amazon Paradise Jomtien is its well engineered swimming pool. The three level pool surrounds all buildings of the condominium. It has some slides and several built in waterfalls and fountains. Some waterfalls serve as Jacuzzis where the residents can soak around all day. The swimming pool, being jungle themed and lagoon styled, has several animal statues situated everywhere, Also included in the pool's design are islets with real sand for sand sculptures. To enhance the jungle look, water plants and palm trees are planted near the pool and on the islets. The end look resembles something like a mini Amazon jungle.

Other amenities found in the Amazon are a gym, a children's play area, a restaurant bar, car parking, reserve water system, electric buggy service to the beach and Wi-Fi access.

Other condominium projects found in Jomtien are Jomtien Beach Condominium, Majestic, Talay, Park Lane, and Reflections. There are actually still more condominium projects in Jomtien and some sell off their units for less than a million baht while some sell them off for more than two million even. Although the other projects offer great things as well, the Amazon has the greatest advantage mainly because its amenities such as, again, the pool, are way excellent for its unit prices.

So if one is choosing which condominium should one buy, one has to remember whether the price to be paid for is worthy of the unit and the condo facilities. Or if it is possible, would offer much more for the indicated costs. And, among all Jomtien condos, Amazon Paradise Jomtien reflects such sale characteristic.