Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shopping In Phuket

If you are looking for some of the best shopping bargains during your Asian holiday, you can find what you are looking for when shopping in Phuket Island. There is literally something for everyone in this part of Thailand.

Those who seek gold jewelry and precious gems can look no further than the shops on Patong Beach. There are several shops located on this part of the island that offer gold jewelry as well as gems such as emeralds and rubies for quite a discount. Pearls are also less expensive on Phuket than in the West.

Thai people value gold like currency and for this reason, much of the gold jewelry in Phuket Island is 24 karat, which is pure gold. Other gold jewelry is 18 karat. In the West, the standard for gold jewelry is 14 karat, so your Euro or dollar really goes much further when buying gold in Phuket Island.

Souvenir shopping is rife throughout the island. Much of the shopping in Phuket consists of looking for souvenirs and trinkets to take back home after the holiday. The beaches are littered with little souvenir shops and most of the items are priced very inexpensively.

In addition to the souvenir shops, you can enjoy some of the best shopping in Phuket Island by visiting the outdoor markets. The outdoor markets sell just about everything from electronic equipment to clothing. This is also the best opportunity to purchase some of the exotic fruits that are native of this area.

For more upscale shopping in Phuket Island, check out the various antiques and wood carving stores. One of the more unique stores on the island is Thai Style Antiques that has furniture pieces from India, Korea and other parts of Southeast Asia that have been restored to pristine condition. Wood carving is also plentiful throughout the island and make excellent souvenirs to take home.

An event that you will not want to miss when shopping in Phuket Island is the night market. The night market is held nearly every night and features just about everything, particularly food. The night market sales are generally cheaper than those in the day market by about 50 percent, so this is where you want to go to get bargains. The night markets are held throughout Phuket Town which is located in the Southeast part of the island.

If hand tailored garments are what you seek, look no further than Phuket Island. There is a host of tailors located throughout the island that can make anything from shirts to suits for a traveler. If you want a one of a kind garment, or simply tailored clothing at off the rack prices, come to Phuket Island.

Shopping in Phuket Island is an event you will want to enjoy again and again. You cannot possibly see all of the different shops on the Island in one visit, which is one reason why avid shoppers choose to visit this part of Thailand on an annual basis to take advantage of the one of a kind bargains. If you are really looking for a shopping haven during your holiday, look no further than Phuket Island, Thailand.

By: Ravi Verma

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