Thursday, 28 August 2008

10 Fun Things To Do In Chiang Mai In Thailand

Chiang Mai in Thailand is a wonderful location visit, be it for the beaches, the delicious foods or to enjoy the local culture. Below we look at ten interesting things to do in Chiang Mai.

1. Visit the walled city - This is a beautiful ancient place that is home to about thirty temples which boast Burmese, Sri Lankan and Lanna Thai influences. Here you can see beautiful carvings, intricately built staircases and golden pagodas.

2. Visit Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep - This is a splendid temple situated on a hillside. It has an intriguing history: The temple site was chosen by an elephant, which was allowed to roam at will. When it reached a particular site, the elephant trumpeted loudly, circled around several times and finally knelt down – an auspicious sign.

3. Take a trip to Maesa Elephant Camp - This is an elephant camp located on the hillside. Here you will be treated to a fascinating elephant show and even have the option to go on elephant rides.

4. Take a stroll around Bhuping Palace - This is a royal winter palace located on a hill. It has wide beautiful gardens and splendid architecture. It is open to the public whenever the royal family is not in residence. You will have to pay a small fee and abide by the dress code.

5. Interact with the animals at Chiangmai Zoo - The zoo is home to more than five thousands animals. These animals are housed in a cheerful open environment which gives you the illusion of actually being in a forest. Definitely a place the kids will enjoy.

6. Relax and go for a Thai Massage - If you want to relax, a Thai massage will definitely help you out in that department. Some massage parlours may be sleazy and dubious, so pay a little more for the legitimate ones that will have clean environment with relaxing music and scents in the background.

7. See Muay Thai fights at Kawila Boxing Stadium - Muay Thai is Thai boxing, and is the national sport of Thailand. The fights feature young amateurs, seasoned fighters as well as matches pitting local boxers against foreign ones.

8. Head for the Royal Floral Exposition - This is an exhibition which features more tens of thousands of species of orchid plants, and will be sure to interest even those who are not orchid lovers.

9. Shop at the Night Bazaar - This is a night market which goes on for miles and miles on Chiang Khlan Road. It is a must for shopping fanatics, who will be delighted with the low prices.

10. Head to Chiang Mai City Arts & Cultural Center - This is a modern multimedia centre which will educate you on the different aspects of Chiang Mai’s history and culture.


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