Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Winter Blues? It's Nothing A Luxury Spa Break In Thailand Can't Cure

Whilst the UK's unpredictable weather is as much a part of its identity as fish and chips, it can cause many people to feel down and depressed when the dark, winter months kick in.

But in the summer months, many parts of the UK actually experience perfectly good weather and extended periods of sunshine. So, why do so many people choose to holiday abroad at a time when the UK weather really isn't all that bad?

Well, this is why many people are now deciding to take winter holidays instead, with over a quarter of people now taking their main holiday between October and the end of the year. Not only is it, in general, an easier period to get time off work, it's normally cheaper too and it provides two weeks of respite from the gloomy British winter. And as it is a cheaper time of year to travel, this means that more emphasis can be placed on 'lavish' rather than 'budget', with a luxury spa holiday providing the perfect remedy to beat the winter blues.

Thailand, for example, is a popular destination for winter sun and not just for a simple beach holiday either. There are many luxury destinations available within Thailand, be it a Phuket spa holiday resort or a Koh Samui spa holiday resort.

Indeed, a luxury Thailand spa holiday can be found to suit most requirements. For example, many people choose to travel to Thailand for the superb diving on offer and it's possible to narrow the search by features such as on-site dive schools or even the availability of water sports, ensuring the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure.

But what makes Thailand a real 5 star holiday destination is the ability to combine a luxury spa holiday with a true cultural holiday experience. When not unwinding or being pampered, there are golden temples, busy markets, excellent food, mountain scenery and a plethora of glorious beaches to explore. Furthermore, the one aspect of Thai culture that ensures so many people return year after year is the warmth and friendliness of the local people. And this is what makes Thailand truly stand out from other destinations in the world.

So, with the nights drawing in, many people choose to take their main holiday later in the year. And as it's generally cheaper to travel 'off-season', that luxury spa holiday in Thailand may be just the thing to ease those winter blues.