Monday, 26 May 2008

Important Festivals Of Thailand

If you plan to visit Thailand, then do look at the Thai calendar to get an idea of the range of festivals that are prevalent in Thailand. Round the year, you will come across some festival or the other in Thailand.

Welcome to the land which boasts of three new years – one which is celebrated on January 1 every year, the second, or the Chinese new year, in the month of February on first day of the first lunar month, and third takes place in the month of April and is called the Songkhtan festival.

The Chinese New Year is quite interesting and it features acrobats, lion dancers, and colorful firecrackers. The third new year or the Songkhtan festival reflects the old Thai tradition and belief. People celebrate this festival by sprinkling water on the image of Buddha, monks and people at the temple. This act is symbolic of the fact that water supply will last throughout the dry season.

In addition to New Year festivals, a cultural fair called Phra Buddha Baht is celebrated from end of January to the month of February. In this fair, several cultural activities such as music and theater are performed. This fair is mainly held in temples. Apart from this fair, there are other colorful fairs such as Bosang Umbrella Fair displaying a wide range of bright paper umbrellas and handicrafts, and Flower Fair exhibiting beautiful and colorful flowers of Thailand.

Other festivals that are popular are Maka Bucha Day, Chakri Day, Pattaya Festival, the National Labor Day, Fruit Fair, Visakha Bucha Day, Asalaha Bucha Day, Candle Festival, Buffalo Race, Loy Krathong Festival, River Kwai Bridge Week, and many more. Each one of these festivals and celebrations are well worth a dekko.