Thursday, 29 May 2008

Learn Thai Massage With The Experts In Thailand

It is no surprise that Thai Massage has become one of the most popular forms of massage in the recent times as it is now considered to be the 'ultimate' massage. This ancient practice works along the Energy lines or Meridians systems. It is not dissimilar to Yoga stretches, chiropractic adjustments, Chinese acupressure and internal organ massage.

Thai Massage has its roots in Buddhist philosophy. It is therefore practiced in many Buddhist temples throughout South East Asia and in particular, in Thailand.

This is because the average Thai includes this traditional technique as an essential part of their daily maintenance health program for improved blood circulation, relaxation, slowing the aging process, and general well being.

This is very different to the western approach of using massage therapy as a way to relieve chronic pain. Whilst it may well be effective in relieving pain, it is better used as part of a preventative health program.

Because there are so many who use Thai Massage daily, there are an abundance of excellent schools and training centers. See for a comprehensive list of training schools.

If you are considering a career in alternative healing, Thai Massage - as taught in Thailand - is an ideal study choice. You get to learn from the experts, in their environment. As an added benefit, by experiencing life in Thailand you will be sure to gain a holistic understanding of the Thai people, their customs, traditions and belief system. This will help you be a better and more authentic practitioner. You will never get these insights through books or by studying in Western massage training schools.

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