Monday, 19 May 2008

Amazing Culture Of Thailand

When you speak of Thailand, instantly a picture of people with small eyes and happy smiling faces appear before you. They have the typical south-east asian look. However, their ways, their way of speaking, their beliefs, and their culture are a symbol of their true identity.

Thailand mostly comprises of people who speak Tai language. Tai speaking people are spread over Central Thai, the Northeastern Thai, the Northern Thai, and the Southern Thai. Central Thai is the area where one finds most Tai speaking people.

In addition to Tai speaking people, there are Chinese who have blended seamlessly with the Thai. Other cultures include Malays, Mon, Khmer, and even Vietnamese.

Majority of Thais follow the Theravada Buddhist tradition, which ranges from animism to worshiping of ancestors. However, the Muslim community is also a big religious group in Thailand. The Muslim population is mostly prevalent in places south of Chumphon. The Malay group is present in the southern part of Thailand. In addition to these communities and groups, there is a sprinkling of Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs as well.

Based on their belief and main Buddhist tradition, Thai people pay a lot of respect and homage to their ancestors. It is the core of their spiritual belief and faith. They are very generous and hospitable people. Social hierarchy plays a very important role in their lives. They touch the feet of their elders as a mark of respect and to seek their blessing. The elders play a key role in any important decisions or ceremonies.