Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Learning to Fight in Phuket-Thailand

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a combination of the most effective forms of fight sciences like Muay Thai, boxing, and jiu-jiitsu. The popularity of MMA based programing on television and cable like the Ultimate Fighting Championship, King of the Cage, and Cage Rage have fueled the expansion of training camps and schools throughout the world.

Today, fighters, young and old, travel around the world searching for training that will make the the next "Ultimate Fighter." You want to learn Jiu-Jitsu, then head for Brazil. Looking for boxing skills then you might try the U.S. And if you are looking for Muay Thai, there is no better place than Thailand; the home of Muay Thai and the national sport of Thailand.

From one end of the country to the other, Muay Thai is the pride of the Thai people. The fight sport has become popular around the world and now boasts organizations in more than 35 countries promoting tournaments, fights, and amateur and professional titles. For years, martial arts enthusiast and athletes have ben coming to Thailand to learn the science of eight limbs from professional Thai fighters. With the explosion in popularity of MMA in the rest of the world, and here in Thailand, there is a new breed of fighter making his way to Asia and the land of smiles.
MMA fighter's are quickly learning that Thailand is the place to be to learn the secrets of striking through hardcore Muay Thai training.

Thai fighters are known for their aggressiveness, stamina, and ability to ignore pain, which are all prerequisites of the modern cage fighter. They want to learn the secrets of of the Siam warriors abilities and bring it back to the cage.
In 2001, MMA programming on in Thailand took the country by storm, and is now one of the most popular sports viewed on cable TV. The Thai people immediately took to the sport as they quickly recognized Muay Thai as a key aspect of the ultimate fight game. If you are standing up, you are fighting Muay thai style. If you are on the ground, you are using wrestling and jiu-jitsu. The Thai people were proud to see their national sport in the world spotlight.

Starting in 2005, fighters from all over the globe were given the chance to save money and participate in comprehensive training in Muay thai and MMA in Thailand. Modern fight camps, like Tiger Muay Thai & MMA, Phuket, Thailand and Bangkok Fight Club opened their door to professional and amateurs looking to train Muay Thai and MMA all at the same place. Fighters can work their stand-up striking game with Muay Thai and then train Jiu-Jitsu to work on their ground fighting skills. Now fighters would not have to travel from one country to the next to find the training they need. Everything they needed was in one place; a great training environment in the tropics which is conducive to hardcore training, training partners with the skills needed to improve, and the ability to live and train under the same roof without going broke.

As if that was not enough, Thailand offers Muay thai fights seven-days-a-week in most big cities. It used to be difficult for most fighters to find a place to train and finally land a fight. Now fighters coming to Thailand can plan a training regimen and a fight before even arriving in Thailand. I you are in shape and are looking for a fight, head to Thailand and one of the many training camps that accept foreigners. Train for six weeks and then strap on the gloves against a Thai or another foreign fighter. You will head back home with experience and the experience of a lifetime after training in Muay Thai and MMA in Thailand.

Will McNamara is a sports writer and owner of Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp in Phuket, Thailand.http://www.TigerMuayThai.com

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