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Travel to Krabi and Phi Phi Islands - Amazing Thailand Attractions

Krabi is a province of Thailand located in the southern area and has fantastic beaches along the shore plus many wonderful islands. You just can't imagine how beautiful they are. Phi Phi Islands is one of the very famous spots in Krabi that travelers can't miss.

About the weather in Krabi province, there are only two seasons in this region, which is different from other parts of Thailand. The summer season lasts from January to April, and the rainy season lasts from May to December. The temperature is between 16.9 and 37.3 degree Celsius throughout the year.

You can get to Krabi by car or by plane. If you drive there from Bangkok, you go along the highway number 4 through many provinces. The overall distance is approximately 946 kilometers. If you go to Krabi from Phuket, you can use highway number 402 connected to highway number 4 through Pangnga province and Krabi province. The total distance is approximately 185 kilometers. Also, the public transportation companies provide air-conditioned buses for people everyday from Bangkok and Phuket. If you decide to go there by plane from Bangkok airport, it takes about 1 hour and a half to Krabi province.

Diving at Krabi Sea is a very exciting activity that you can't miss. Scuba diving is very popular there. Many diving service companies provide the travelers boat services from Phuket and Phi Phi Don Island. Some famous diving spots are around Phi Phi Islands and King Cruiser shipwreck. Around Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Le Islands, there are many diving spots such as Nui beach, Maya beach, and sea caves. You may rent a small boat called Rue Hang Yao from Phi Phi Don Island to these spots. Bidah Islands and Ha Islands (Ha means five) are also popular diving spots.

Phi Phi Islands is one of the famous islands in Thailand located in Krabi province. The word "Phi Phi" comes from a tree named "Pi-a-pee." In 1983, the government of Thailand announced that Phi Phi Islands became a member of Nopparatthara - Phi Phi Islands national park. This park includes six islands which are Phi Phi Don, Phi Phi Le, Bidah Nok, Bidah Nai, Yung and Phai Islands. The distance between Krabi beach and Phi Phi Islands is approximately 42 kilometers.

Lanta Islands is one of the most amazing spots in Krabi. It is located in the far south of the province. In the past, villagers called this islands "Poo-Lao-Sa-Tak" which means the islands with long beaches. Some famous islands are Lanta Yai Islands, Ngai Island, Rok Nai Island and Rok Nok Island. There are a lot of resorts and hotels on the islands. You can go to Lanta Islands from Krabi beach or Phi Phi Islands.

Ao Nang is a place that has wonderful scenario with beautiful beaches such as Rai Le Beach, Tam Pra Nang Beach and Nam Mao Beach. These three beaches cannot be reached by car because they are surrounded by mountains. You can go there by boat from Ao Nang.

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