Monday, 9 June 2008

Discover Bangkok - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Anyone intending to travel to Thailand my appreciate this snapshot of life in Bangkok, Thailand. There are many different aspects to Bangkok in every possible sense and this is only providing a brief glimpse of a few of them here.

First the Good:

Number one on most peoples list after a visit to Thailand is the people. Amongst the most accomodating and friendly on the planet, usually they cannot do enough for you and when they have done all they can they'll find some one else who can do even more to help you. The tourist industry thrives partly due to the fact that Thais are so service minded and so very good at it. Several of the Worlds finest Hotels are located in Bangkok such as The Sukhothai and The Oriental both demonstrating this extraordinary level of service.

Now The Bad:

Well, I guess we have all heard of the usual scams and yes they all do exist here but by in large though if you were sensible you wouldn't get caught out. As an exception to this there are a certain amount of scams that appear so well organised that anyone could easily fall prey to them if they were unwary. Travellers report the lengths that the scammers go to even recruiting monks to aid there success! Just google bangkok scams and you'll find a host of examples and travellers warnings.

In many areas of Bangkok you will also unfortunately experience the Bangkok stench that often permeates from badly covered sewerage pipes and drains. The easiest solution is to go into any of the tremendous array of restaurants available.

Finally The Ugly:

There is a large thriving market in sex tourism based mainly around areas such as Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Patpong. These places cater largely for the lone male sex tourist and the 'bar girls' there appear experts at identifying the wealthier tourists and extracting cash from their wallets with expert ease.

And well lastly the recent 'Coup' wasn't nice but fortunately within a couple of days local expats reported young children jumping and crawling over the tanks in the street and being given brief tours by some of the soldiers on duty. Whilst still the countries politics may not be in a very good state it certainly appears to not have bothered the tourism industry or expat community too much.

There really is so much to promote about Thailand the list is never ending including: Scuba-diving, Islands, world-class restaurants and stunning national parks and wildlife. All yours to discover and made even easier with the ability to transfer money overseas from your home country to Thailand boosting your travelling budget within moments.

Author Stephen Ryan has been traveling and writing about Asian travel for some years now providing up to date and relevant information for todays independent travelers. More information available at Money Transfer

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