Thursday, 26 June 2008

Chiang Mai Hotels - Luxury Rooms At Youth Hostel Prices

If you've been budget travelling in the more so-called developed parts of Asia, such as Hong Kong and Japan, you've probably had to skimp on comfort when choosing accommodations. If you ever want to pamper yourself though and not spend much more than you would at most youth yostels, you should certainly check out the hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This city in northern Thailand is the second largest in the country after Bangkok. Don't let this fool you though. Not only is it cooler and much less crowded than it's big brother to the south, but it is also within spitting distance of some of Thailand's most beautiful forests and mountains which are home to many of the country's famed hill tribes.

Furthermore, Chiang Mai is a safe and convenient city with many excellent hotels. Too many in fact. The current glut of extra hotel rooms during all but the busiest holidays combined with the current favorable US dollar to Thai baht exchange rate has created an excellent opportunity for budget travellers.

In fact, a recent check of hotel prices there turned up many rooms with plenty of space, comfortable beds, air-conditioning, satellite tv, fridge and shower for less than $25.00 per night. Furthermore, hotel room prices in Chiang Mai are listed per room, not per person. This means an even better bargain if you are travelling with someone. Keep in mind, most hotels offer an extra discount for booking online, but it never hurts to call the desk and check too.

The next time you find yourself getting weary of sleeping in dorm style rooms and sharing toilets, consider enjoying a few nights of comfort at a Chiang Mai hotel.

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