Monday, 23 June 2008

Cruising the Ocean in Pattaya

Thailand is known for many things but nothing is more beautiful than their oceans. Tourists are peppered all over Pattaya and Phuket's beaches. Thailand's sunlight, warm oceans, cheap food and accommodations make for a great vacation.

Cruising the oceans can be done very easily. You can either rent a boat for yourself and fish, relax, cruise or you can join with other tourists for a cheaper time.

Other ocean activities in Phuket include sailing and snorkeling. But there have been jellyfish attacks on tourists snorkeling around in Thailand so be careful how you are dressed and where you go. Just be sure that wherever you are, that there are plenty of others around so that you are not faced with any issues.

To rent the new models of products, brought to you by the local merchants, you should take an insider who is capable of helping you and speaking to them in their native Thai language. This is because no matter how much you try, they will rip you off by double because it is quite obvious you are a tourist.

Tourist cities are also areas prone to a lot of drugs and sex, so be advised to not participate in any illegal activities because as a foreigner, they will clean your bank account out before letting you free. John Mark Karr was one famous US resident arrested in Bangkok for admitting to being the murderer in a famous case in the United States but was later returned free due to a lack of evidence.

Americans performing in illegal activities can still be charged in the United States as per latest rules set forth by the Bush administration.

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