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Trekking In Chiang Mai

Within the past few years trekking has become one of the primary reasons the adventure traveller as added Chiang Mai to the Asian travel itinerary.

If your one of them travellers who does not mind a little bit of rough and are pretty fit then you just might enjoy taking a trek through the northern part of Thailand which is an unforgettable experience. You will experience lush tropical forests, hill tribe villages and amazing mountain views all with the direction of registered guides who will take you down marked routes.

Chiang Mai is the gateway to many of the country’s trekking outfit’s it’s not hard to find an adventure company, with a typical trekking break lasting between three to five days and can include a variety of activities such as elephant rides or bamboo rafting. The routes will often include taking in the variety of different hill tribe villages, which will allow you to get familiar which their culture. This is a fantastic way to really take their culture in and really learn about how they live.

The best time to go trekking is between November and February, because the weather is still dry and it’s still pretty lush. However. If you do plan on going between the month’s of June and September your wet gear is a definite requirement.

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