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Phuket Restaurant

Choosing the perfect Phuket restaurant takes some doing as there are literally thousands of restaurants from which to choose - each more tempting than the other. As Phuket Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, there is a variety of different cuisine to tempt all palates.

Most of the restaurants are located around the popular beaches and in Phuket Town. No matter where you are staying, however, you will be able to find a large choice of restaurants on the island that will cater to your tastes.

Patong Beach is one of the most populated parts of the island and one Phuket restaurant you will not want to miss is Balachi, which is located at the Horizon Beach Resort Hotel and Spa. Balachi is the most noted Indian restaurant on the island and serves up food featuring both Northern and Southern Indian fare.

Also located on Patong is the Baan Kamnan Restaurant that has traditional Thai cuisine. While staying in Thailand, make sure that you try some authentic Thai cuisine. If you are worried about it being too spicy, you can ask for it to be not spicy and the chef will not make it too hot. Baan Kamnan Restaurant is one Phuket restaurant you do not want to miss when it comes to getting traditional Thai food.

Can you imagine a restaurant that is both Japanese and Italian? For this unique blend in cuisine, visit 2Gusti Italian and Japanese Restaurant. This restaurant is located in Phuket Town and has both types of cuisine as well as traditional Thai fare.

If you are seeking a Phuket restaurant that features more western cuisine, look no further than Angus O’Tools Restaurant located on popular Karon Beach. Karon Beach is in the Southwest part of the island and this restaurant has large steaks as well as beer. It is decorated like a traditional Irish pub and will make those from the West feel as they are back at home.

Many of the restaurants in Phuket Island offer alfresco dining, which can be very nice, especially when they are close to the beach. Imagine watching the sun set into the sea as you sip on your tropical cocktail and enjoy your entrée.

If you like seafood, you will find that Phuket is a haven for your palate. In addition to tourism, fishing keeps the economy on Phuket afloat, so to speak. You can find the best fresh fish all of the restaurants on the island. Check out the Watermark Bar and Restaurant in Phuket Town for some fabulous seafood delights.

Another place you will want to discover when staying on Phuket Island, especially when it comes to choosing a good Phuket restaurant is Bang Tao. Here you can find such exquisite out of the way and charming restaurants such as the Silk Restaurant and Bar, which is very upscale or Mom Tris Boathouse Restaurant.

No matter what you are looking for when seeking a Phuket restaurant, you can find it just about anywhere throughout the island. There is virtually every type of cuisine known to man represented on the island, but it is noted for the best seafood as well as authentic Thai cuisine.

By: Ravi Verma

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