Thursday, 11 September 2008

Corrections Museum - Where the Gruesome Facet of Thai History Displayed

Thailand is a well known destination for many unusual attractions. The Corrections Museum in Bangkok is one of the many atypical destinations, which is rich in historical value. The Corrections Museum, located in Maha Chai Road preserves gruesome facets of Thai prison history.

The museum location was the site of the Bangkok maximum security prison that was built under the sovereignty of King Rama V in 1890. The government decided to demolish the prison in 1987. In order to establish the prison museum in 1939, three blocks, two watchtowers, a cellblock, and a side of the prison were preserved. The museum is famous for showcasing brutalism of prison life of offenders in that time.

As visitors explore the museum exhibits, the former penal system which was based on vengeance and severe punishments is well elaborated. The collections of life-sized sculptures that portray painful acts of frightening corporal punishments are successful in effortlessly convincing the museum visitors of the fearsome consequences of crimes and misbehavior of yesteryear.

The museum visits begin by exhibiting several portraits of the former prison and its demolition. There is also a scaled replica of the former prison compound and the museum with the public park. The upper stories of the museum display the many processes of punishing prisoners. The ones that expose the beheading of prisoners and other execution methods are certain to disturb the viewers emotionally, as they give incredibly horrible impressions of the tormented prisoners and the wrathful prison guards.

After the period of decapitation, where the sword was the primary weapon used, shooting became the standard method of execution. The replicas of execution demonstrate the criminals being tied behind a screen and the executioner shooting the heads with a rifle placed on a stand on the other side of the screen.

The other blocks of the museum are a pleasant release from the grisly execution chambers. These exhibit furniture and handicraft which were used in the prison, some which were made by the prisoners. A public park is also located in the museum area using the remaining land of the former prison. The park is now called the "Romanni Nart" and its pleasance undoes the emotional ordeal caused by the museum demonstrations.

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