Thursday, 19 February 2009

The North Face River Kwai Trophy 2009

The North Face River Kwai Trophy 2009
Date :
28 February 2009
Venue : Saiyok district, Kanchanaburi

Under the banner of the Amazing Thailand Adventure Race Series, the event will attract 120 teams comprising of two participants in each team, who will tackle an adventure course that includes running, mountain biking, swimming and kayaking. The race route travels along scenic trails and explore the mountainnns and farmlands of western Thailand.

Backing the event are the Tourism Authority of Thailand and North Face, while the actual running of the event comes under sports activity specialist, Active Management Asia.

Extreme adventure racing, that test stamina and team work, has grown in popularity in Thailand with the Kanchanaburi event attracting nearly 60% of its participants from neighbouring countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, as well as participants from even Europe.

The 2006 augural event gained 46 team registrations, while the 2007 event grew to attract 80 teams and 120 teams in the 2008 event. Now 120 teams, of two participants in each team, will participate in the 2009 event.

There are three signature events in the 2009 series. The season kicks off with the River Kwai Trophy in Kanchanaburi, followed by the inaugural Chiang Mai Challenge, 10 May and the second Bangkok Challenge, hosted in Nong Chok district, on the outskirts of the capital, this November.

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