Friday, 6 February 2009

In Bed With Pattaya

The Very first Thailand charity Bed Push will take place on Sunday the 8th February, 2009 from 2pm from outside the Royal Garden Plaza, along Beach Road and Walking Street ending at Bali Hai.

Organized by the Rotary Club of Pattaya in partnership with Pattaya city Hall, it will provide a great social activity for everyone in the bars, clubs, community groups and businesses together and attract sponsors for this unique, not to be missed event in Thailand.

The idea of a Bed Push or Bed Race is a very popular fundraising and family activity in many countries around the world including the UK, USA , Australia and New Zealand, It is a tried and tested successful way of fundraising for local charities and community projects. It involves teams of up to 6 members dressed as outrageous and funny as possible, pushing their spectacularly decorated beds from a designated starting point to the finishing line, The object is to not only get to the line in the shortest time but also to keep the designated passenger to remain on the bed at all times.

This first ever Bed Push Race in Pattaya will be a major undertaking by the Rotary Club of Pattaya and will no doubt require the help and cooperation of the Pattaya community to safeguard and contribute to a well managed family orientated event! If successful, then this showcase which will undoubtedly raise the profile of the work of the Rotary Club of Pattaya and help promote Pattaya as a fun, family resort, It will hopefully provide good wholesome family entertainment in a safe environment whilst bringing together the multi faceted groups working for a better community, and will become an annual event on the Pattaya Calendar.

Further details : Steve Dickens 081-940-8191