Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thailand - A Traveler's Paradise

Thailand undoubtedly is one of the most exotic locations for travelers seeking tranquility and peace of mind. Every year thousands of people visit Thailand and the number keeps increasing. Muang Thai (as Thailand is locally known) presents it's visitors with experience they cannot forget. People love this place and look for a chance to revisit Thailand. What is it that people are so fond of in Thailand? May be the diversity this country has. Every aspect of Thailand, may it be geographical or cultural, is beautiful.

No matter which direction you chose to travel in Thailand, you will fell in love with the place. Northern part of Thailand is full of mountains and high terrains that are covered with fog and mist making it all the more adventurous. Contrastingly different is the central and the northeastern Thailand where the mountains disappear and you come across plain landscape. Eastern plains of Thailand are covered with forest and land that is good for agriculture. Southern Thailand on the other hand flaunts some of the most exotic beaches and islands you may ever come across. Apart from all these Thailand has metropolitan areas; Bangkok the country's capital being the most advanced and formidable one.

Thailand boasts its culture diversity to the same as extent as its geographical diversity. Unlike all the neighborhood countries, Thailand has never been colonized and has a history and culture that is not doped. The people of Thailand are mostly followers of Buddha and practice rituals that are unknown to many who visit the country and that adds to the country's appeal. Chinese influence in the north and Islamic dominance in the south adds to the diversity the country is already so rich of.

Another major aspect of Thailand travel is its night life. Night life with cabarets and luxurious pubs and bars also attract people. The restaurants and the cuisines they provide complete the list of things you will enjoy in a spectacular package this country offers.

Apart being from so simple and natural, Thailand is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Infrastructure, Transport, banking, and telecommunications are as modern and advanced as in the countries of Europe and America. This helps in visiting and spending your vacations in the remotest of villages in Thailand with ease and convenience. This aspect of Thailand draws lot of travelers. People for business visits, for leisure visits or training courses, all are entertained and satisfied by the diversity that Thailand provides.

As beautiful and tranquil as Thailand, are the people of Thailand. Rarely are occasions where you will find a Thai not smiling. People with lot of character and temperament inhibit Thailand and that adds to the country's beauty. Despite the mess and disarray the modern life has created, Thailand remains one of those places where people are placid and calm. Perhaps it is in the air of Thailand that all people who come here are pacified and go in a state of tranquility.