Thursday, 30 December 2010

Journey To Chiang Mai, Thailand - The Culture Capital Of The Land Of Smiles

Chiang Mai with its ancient traditions, customs and rich culture has become one of the hottest and happening tourist destinations in Thailand. with their excellent discounts on a range of hotels in Chiang Mai is a great opportunity for visitors to discover city. Chiang Mai or sometimes written as Chiengmai by the locals offers visitors a variety of tourist activities for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience.

Chiang Mai is host to several Thai festivals all year round, and this is the best way for one to acquaint themselves on Thai customs, understand their traditions and enjoy the warmth of their hospitality. Loi Kratong or known as Yi Peng takes place on the full moon night on the 12th Month of the Thai lunar calendar. Decorated containers made of banana leaf with a candle lit inside are set afloat on the rivers to thank the Goddess of Water. Sky lanterns or also known as Khom-Fai are thrown into the air to ward off troubles and bad spirits. The Chiang Mai Flower festival which is held in the first week of February is an ideal time to visit Chiang Mai. Floats are decorated with flowers and set on the waterways, cultural dance performance and beauty contests are also held during this period as a part of the 3-day long festivities which would charm visitors staying in hotels in Chiang Mai.

Discover the Highest Mountain in Thailand

Doi Inthanon is the highest mountain in Thailand and Doi in Thai means mountain. This 2565-meter tall mountain is part of the Himalayan mountain range with very scenic waterfalls, jagged cliffs and home to Nature parks. Do not forget to take warm clothing along with you as the temperature in certain parts drop below 10 C even during mid-day. Just before the summit is the Twin Chedi, and it is one of the must-see places for those who scale these mountains.

Chiang Mai also has several museums and visit to one of these would give visitors an insight into this great city’s historical past. Chiang Mai City Arts and Cultural Center and Chiang Mai National Museum are the best places to see the cultural facets, historical artifacts and documents which are exhibited in these museums. The Tribal Museum highlights the history, culture and lifestyle of the local tribes who live in the mountains. Chiang Mai has a vibrant night life and most of the good entertainment spots are found around the Chiang Mai Land Road and Chang Klan Road, south of the night bazaar. with their range of comfortable hotels and great discounts are ideal for travelers to embark on a voyage to the cultural capital of Thailand.

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