Saturday, 21 March 2009

Traditional Thai Architecture & Antiquities at the Suan Pakkad Palace

Once the home of Princess Chumphot, the Suan Pakkad Palace is situated on Si Ayutthaya Road, near the Phayathai intersection. Princess Chumbhot was one of the prominent art collectors in Thailand. Here, there are five traditionally built Thai houses that oversee a well maintained beautiful park, and display a huge collection of Thai antiquities.

These houses were first constructed in 1952 by Prince and Princess Chumphot of Nagor Svarga. Some of the exhibits are from the ancestors of Prince Chumphot and are over a few centuries ancient. The Lacquer pavilion is located on the southern end of the park, while the Ban-Chiang and Marsi galleries are on the Chumphot Pantip collection of pre-historic items.

Formerly, the Lacquer pavilion was located in the Ban Kling temple, and dates to the seventeenth century. It was shifted by Prince Chumphot after obtaining a formal approval from the abbot.

The exterior is sculptured beautifully in wood, while the interior walls are made with gold over black lacquer. There are various drawings and paintings inside that display the different events related to Lord Buddha, and also from the Hindu classic Ramayana. There are also many pictures that give an idea about the contemporary Thai life in those times, and some show the early foreign travelers to Ayudha. This is a unique part of the collection making the Suan Pakkad Palace exclusive among all others in Thailand.

The famous Marsi Gallery is situated on the second floor of the Chumphot Pantin center for arts. The gallery derives its name from Marsi Paribatra, the daughter of Prince and Princess Chumphot of Nagor Svarga. It was originally created with the purpose of furtherance of art activities and for holding exhibits for artists throughout the year.

The park surrounding the Suan Pakkad Palace is exquisitely beautiful with colorful flower beds, and the Baiyoke tower can be clearly seen from the garden; this is the tallest structure in Thailand. The Suan Pakkad Palace can be visited on most days and is easily accessible from Sukhumvit, Bangkok.

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