Thursday, 24 July 2008

Koh Chang - Chang Park Resort and Spa

During my first trip to Thailand to meet my (then) future wife we went down to Koh Chang Island and stayed at Chang Part Resort and Spa. It was during my second week in Thailand Ning made reservations for use to go there.

We got up very early in the morning and got to the place in Bangkok Thailand to catch our mini bus to the resort. Our package was for 2 nights and 3 days. It was about a four and one half hour trip down. We had to take a ferry to the island. It was a nice half hour ride.

Once we signed in we went to our private bungalow. It was small but was clean. I will say though there was a few things that did need some fixing. But for the cost of the package it was worth it. And everything was in working order.

Part of out package included a night fishing trip for squid. After dark about 8 of us went out from the island and the crew setup florescent lights. They shined out on the water and that was what attracted the squid to use. We used a lure that had 12 hooks not barbed on one end and was about 2 inches long. It was just put on the end of a line and you dropped it over board and jigged it up and down. You had to feel when a squid would try to get it and just pull it up in the boat. Most of us did get to catch a few of them so it made it even better.

We got to go out for a half day snorkeling. We got on the boat again and they took us to one of the small island with no one on it. The water was around 12 to 15 feet deep there. You had no problem seeing the bottom. Water was very clean. The fish would come and eat some bread we brought right out of your hand. There were many different kinds all around none any bigger than 12 to 15 inches long. While feeding when they got close to your fingers we would just let them have the rest. I did not know what kind of fish any were and we wanted to keep our fingers on our hands.

At the resort they offered Thai Massage. You have to be in good shape to get a Thai Massage. It uses very aggressive yoga-like stretches. The therapist uses their hands, legs, knees, and feet to move you. We were both given 2 hours worth of time to get our massages, but only used 1 hour each. I think the Thai Massage would grow on you if you had it done often. I did feel relaxed after the treatment was done. If you get a chance to get one do not pass it up.

Off of the resort we went to see one of several water falls on the island. The walk through the jungle was exciting for me. It is a very noisy place. All kinds of animal and insect sounds. I saw some very large beetles. But every thing else seemed to hide.

For the rest of our time we swam at the pool and in the ocean. It was a very relaxing time for my wife and I to get to know each other face to face. I would not hesitate to go back again.

This is just one of the places my wife and I have been in Thailand. If you would like to learn more of Thailand and see some pictures of Koh Chang Island along with other places you can go to

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