Thursday, 3 April 2008

Cheap Hotels Perth

Perth has it all, when staying in a cheap hotel in Perth you will discover that there are not too many places in the world were you get everything that's on offer in this great city. It has perfect weather, fantastic sparkling beaches, but that's not all, it also is a great city to get out and about, there the cities top AFL and Rugby teams to watch, they are also handy as soccer mind you. In the summer you can enjoy cricket at the WACA where you get to see the national team take on one of the worlds best in one of the best sporting stadiums in the world, that atmosphere is electric. Perth also has the lively coastal suburb of Fremantle which is packed full of top bars, art galleries, museums and trendy boutique fashion outlets.

Only two hours drive south of Perth you have the world famous Margret River, it's got one of the best wine growing conditions in the world and is famous for both it's red wines and whole wine varieties. Perth itself has a great wine growing region called the Swan River but even as good as it is the Margret River still offer a more scenic way to enjoy the taste sensation of this spectacular part of the world.

Perth is also the gate way to the great Australian Outback so you really need to make the most of this and get off into the great outdoors to experience the unique Australian outback that is the oldest in the world, it took 1.8 billion years to create, the Aboriginies who inhabited the land have what they call the Dreaming which are stories that help to explain how they lived with this great earth and all the mysteries that are held in it. If you get off in to the Perth outback you will discover the special Aboriginal artwork that people travel right across the planet to witness first hand. So if you are staying in a cheap hotel in Perth then you will have more money left over to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of this remarkable outback world.

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