Thursday, 28 February 2008

Diesel price hits new high; traders raise fuel prices again

BANGKOK, Feb 28 (TNA) – The price of diesel fuel in Thailand reached a new high of almost 30 baht per litre as oil traders raised fuel prices in all categories of petroleum and its byproducts by 0.40 baht per litre on the continued rise in global fuel prices.

Effective before dawn at 5 am Thursday morning, premium and regular gasoline prices at all service stations in metropolitan Bangkok edged up to 33.59 and 32.49 baht per litre.
Prices of premium and regular gasohol as well as diesel went up to 29.59, 28.79, and 29.94 baht per litre respectively.

The latest fuel price increase was mainly attributed to higher oil prices overseas as the crude price surged by US$2.2 to $101.43 per barrel, and refined gasoline and diesel prices in Singapore rose to $109.42 and $115.73 per barrel.

Anusorn Saengnimnual, president of Bangchak Petroleum Plc, said the company and other oil traders are ready to cooperate with the government in containing energy prices to ensure that the public gets the least burden and traders are commercially viable.

He said the firm is willing to bring cooking gas derived from oil refining for local sale although prices do not reflect the actual cost. (TNA)-E005